Tips For Planning A Las Vegas Destination Wedding

5 February 2016
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If your dream wedding includes the Las Vegas strip and a chapel that's unforgettable, you may be finding the planning stages to be a bit overwhelming. The good news is that you don't have to plan this destination wedding or the travel needs on your own. Working with a travel agent who is experienced with Las Vegas destination weddings may ease the demands on your time and help you capitalize on everything that the city has to offer. Here are some of the things you should consider as you work with your travel agent to piece the trip together.

Plan For Everyone to Stay at the Same Resort

The Las Vegas strip is a busy place to be. Since travel into the area can be time-consuming and sometimes costly, it's best to make it easy for everyone who's coming by booking a large block of rooms at the same resort. After all, the time you all spend gathered at the pool or testing the limits of your luck in the casino will be the beginnings of lasting memories that you'll talk about for years.

By booking everyone at the same resort, you'll also make it easier for everybody to be there for your wedding and the celebration. If you've decided that you want everyone to stay together this way, you should reserve a block of rooms. Figure out how many you'll need, and your travel agent can call the resort and see about getting you a volume discount.

Plan Ahead and Book Early

When you work with a travel agent, they can help you reserve a block of rooms and find the chapel that you want well in advance. That way, you don't risk missing out on the resort you want or the chapel you've planned on saying your vows in. Las Vegas is a popular destination for rodeos, concerts and many other events. As a result, the sooner you can reserve things, the better. Many travel agents will be willing to book a block of rooms early knowing that they can often sell any that aren't needed for your party when it gets closer to the event.

Seek Out a Honeymoon Suite

It's no secret that Las Vegas is an overwhelmingly popular destination for weddings. For that reason, most resorts and hotels offer a variety of honeymoon suites. Some of these suites aren't even publicized as available and are only offered to people who are saying their vows at certain chapels. Your travel agent may be able to tell you what the inside secrets are to booking the honeymoon suite based on the resort you're staying at and the chapel where you want to get married.

Plan Group Events to Gather Everyone

Destination weddings can be tough, because guests may not know what to do with their free time before and after the ceremony. Las Vegas is a great place for many different events and activities, so consider booking something such as a group helicopter tour or zip line experience. With the help of your travel agent, you can even book some group transportation so that everyone can get where you're going without having to negotiate local traffic or risk getting lost. If you've ever had to follow a lead car and several others in heavy traffic, you know that it isn't an experience you want to wish on your guests in an unfamiliar, busy city.

Destination weddings like those in Las Vegas are a great chance to experience new things and celebrate with everyone away from the demands of your daily life. Booking your event with the help of a travel agent may give you some insider tips about how to get the view you want, the experience you're looking for or even tickets to that show you don't want to miss. Go to websites like this one to work with your local travel agent today to plan an event that your guests won't soon forget.